Sunday, 16 November 2008

Jamie Baldridge @ Richard Goodall Gallery

P.S. Review of the Jamie Baldridge exhibition, Pilgrims & Peregrines at the Richard Goodall Gallery, up over at 

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Rapunzel said...

Please read this!!! not sure if you have seen this email?

Hello Ella, Would love to but hijack...really think you should come with me to this on Tuesday (please see below).

Really interesting group of arts people in the Salford area and many interesting contacts to be made. I have been once and have been meaning to go back for ages. Then we can go to the pub afterwards. Let me know and I can meet you beforehand in town and we can go together. C x 07990772499

Hi there,

At some point you’ve expressed an interest in The Reading Group we run and I thought you might like to know about this

There is a Special Reading Group, out-of-sync with the normal run of things, at 6pm on Tuesday 18th November. At Evi Grigoropoulou’s invitation, Pil and Galia Kollectiv will be in town and have suggested that as group we read the following text - Virtuosity and Revolution, by PAOLO VIRNO

You can find it at: mtarchive/archives/000941.php

Pil and Galia Kollectiv are two artists, writers and curators working in collaboration. Their art work is primarily film and performance-based and explores the utopian discourses of the twentieth century and the way these forms operate in a changing landscape of creative work and instrumentalised leisure. Their work uses choreographed movement and theatrical ritual as both an aesthetic and a thematic dimension, allowing Dada and the Bauhaus to be read backwards through punk and new wave. They are currently artists in residence at S1 Artspace, Sheffield, and have recently performed No Haus Like Bau at the 5th Berlin Biennale, 2008. Other projects include The Institute of Psychoplasmics, Pump House Gallery, London, 2008; and Asparagus: A Horticultural Ballet, The Showroom, London, 2007.

Best, and hope to see you on Tuesday 18th


--- On Wed, 12/11/08, Ella Wredenfors
Subject: Hoi Hoi!
Date: Wednesday, 12 November, 2008, 6:23 PM

I suspected ( or hoped ) you had mis-place my ( gorgeous ) card.

Unfortunately it's just for the online version of Citylife, but it's a

Would you like to meet for a drink or sumthing next week?