Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Manchester Literature Festival

Been looking through the line up for this years Manchester Literature Festival, which runs 16 - 26 October, and getting rather excited.

Luckily, for someone who does not particularly like poetry, there are plenty of non-poetic events to keep me occupied.

Of singular interest is the all day pub-Comic con at the Lass O' Gowrie on the 17th called Vvorp Vvorp! Not just because my mate is doing the marketing press jiggery for the event, but I also get to finally meet Ian Edginton, one of the finest writers. If you haven't read Scarlet Traces or Leviathan, take my recommendation and go read them now! Seems to have a rather high Doctor Who content, which I feel like I am either too young or too old and embittered to get a real kick out of, but still looking forward to it.

Not content with that for a geeky bonanza, there is Between The Panels the next day. An illustrated discussion with graphic novelists sounds like a visual treat to my big ol' ears.

There's also some Mervyn Peake based shananigans, and though I haven't read any of his work for many years, his Gormenghast books were a major presence in my teenaged psyche. Ask nicely, and I may even show you my tattoo inspired by a passage in Titus Alone.

Anyway, there is a who tonne of other, less geekly georgeous, stuff going on over the period of the festival, some of which, with any luck, i'll be bringing you in blogafied form.

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