Tuesday, 30 September 2008

'Are You Dead?' @ Nexus Arts Cafe

There's a new show coming up at the Nexus Arts Cafe. Sounds rather interesting, especially since my favourite museum is Biologiska Museet in Stockholm.

The blurb states:

''Are You Dead?' is the latest exhibition in Nexus Art Café. Three contemporary taxidermists explore the relationship that we have with the animal kingdom. Disturbing, shocking and often highly amusing this exhibition challenges our perceptions of the animal kingdom by placing them in an unexpected context.'

Its opening is this Thursday 7 - 10pm and then runs until the 1st of November 2008.

There is also apparently a collection of stuffed animals in The Manchester Museum , which I should go and check out. Shamefully, despite previously studying at U of M, I haven't checked out the Museum yet.

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David said...

Interesting things happening too far away is the curse of the Internet.