Thursday, 24 September 2009

Buy Art Fair 2009 @ Urbis

Here a thought for you - Could the Buy Art Fair, 24 - 27 September at Urbis, have picked a worse night for its preview/opening night?

I blagged my way into last years affair, which was spectacularly uninspiring. Obviously I'm not the market, not having the cash, bad taste or cultural desperation that seems to be the prerequisite for these things. I remember being pretty underwhealmed by a fairly lazy commentary on Art Fairs; hadn't someone paid for a pitch and then stuck a real estate sign in it?

Anyway, what are you going to do if you don't have the pecuniary fluidity or profile to receive an invite to tonight's preview (last year they were selling open night tickets for a tenner or so).

In Manchester:

In Liverpool:


Most of these things will be continuing over the course of the Buy Art Fair (God bless the Iplayer!) so your spoilt for choice. Unless of course you really want to buy some rancid pastel naked women or neon flowers that look like O'Keefes without being so offensively vaginal.

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