Monday, 8 December 2008


I have had a weekend typically free of any artistic thought. I rolled around Manchester, just missing out from doing anything interesting by a few minutes. It is only remarkable for the sheer amount I have slept, mucked about with bicycle punctures and politely refused to buy knock off DVDs. 

Not really connected to much, but tonight is the Manchester Social Media Cafe, which I shall be attending. Not absolutely certain what it's all about, but I'm sure if I turn up and observe though my large gollum like eyes everything will be revealed to me. 

Also, my mate Brian Gorman's recent small press comic, Borderliners, is Pick of the Month over at 

In Art? 

The Nicoletta Ceccoli exhibition opens at Richard Goodall Contemporary on the 13th of December. Watch this space for the inevitable preview piece. 

P.S. Does anyone has a 54cm bicycle with horizontal dropouts going spare?

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Brian Gorman said...

Thank you for the 'BORDERLINERS' mention, Ella! Come and visit my own Blog, and add me, why don'tch?!